Business Growth Rooted In Family Values, With Adam Mann And Sarah Cohen, Top Attorneys At Cohen & Cohen Law

June 13, 2023 – Adam Mann

In today’s fast-paced, high-pressure world of business, not often can one encounter a company that manages to maintain its family-business traditions after several decades in the market.

Cohen & Cohen Law, a personal injury law firm based in Hollywood, Florida, is one such oddity. Despite being around for over five decades, the firm has been able to stick to its values and provide clients with the personalized legal representation that most large historic injury law firms have lost.

“At Cohen & Cohen, we maintain our family-firm traditions, but clients also get the experience of a large firm,” said Adam Mann, one of Cohen & Cohen Law’s lead attorneys.

Since 1970, Cohen & Cohen Law has expertly represented personal injury victims throughout South Florida, recovering over 500 million dollars in settlements and verdicts for clients. This injury law firm was started by Bernard Cohen and Irwin Cohen. After over five decades in the personal injury law industry, Cohen & Cohen Law has managed to keep its family-business roots intact.

In a recent interview, Mann and Sarah Cohen, two of Cohen & Cohen Law’s top attorneys, spoke on the key factors that allowed this historic South Florida injury law firm to continue providing clients with personalized legal representation after more than 50 years in the market.

The culture and values of Cohen & Cohen Law are not common among large companies with decades of history. A combination of personalized representation and the expertise of a large firm is the formula that has set Cohen & Cohen Law apart from others in the industry.

“Because we have been around for so long, people think that we are this large corporate firm, but when they come, they get surprised to see that they actually get to meet directly with their attorney,” said Mann.

At Cohen & Cohen Law, as Mann explains, attorneys take the time to get to know each client and understand their unique situation. The firm provides a free consultation to discuss the details of each client’s case and provide them with personalized legal solutions.

“For the most part,” continued Mann, “clients have constant direct contact with their attorneys throughout their case. It’s not like these other giant firms, where clients get lost among thousands of cases.”

The attorneys at Cohen & Cohen Law understand the trauma and stress that personal injury can cause for accident victims and their families. This is why they are dedicated to keeping the process as seamless as possible for them during their recovery process.

“Honesty and trust go a long way in Cohen & Cohen. We build that through communication. All of our clients have their attorney’s cellphone numbers. We are very upfront with each client, and we communicate with them regularly to provide updates on their cases,” said Sarah Cohen.

This emphasis on building trust and maintaining open communication channels is not limited to client-attorney relationships. The lead attorneys at Cohen & Cohen Law encourage their team members to uphold these same principles inside the firm’s facilities to cultivate a culture of cooperation.

“We also work to create honesty and trust within our office. Each member of our legal team trusts the other. Everyone is sincere and transparent with each other. Every member of Cohen & Cohen is there for the same ultimate goal, which is helping our clients,” said Sarah Cohen.

Cohen & Cohen Law’s commitment to providing each client with personalized legal representation has been critical in allowing this firm to gain the trust of injury victims throughout South Florida.

With five decades of history helping clients navigate the legal system, Cohen & Cohen is today one of the most trusted and well-known personal injury law brands in the Orange State.

Nowadays, the reputation of this firm speaks for itself. Victims of motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, or any other personal injury accidents know they can focus on their recovery and trust Cohen & Cohen to help them obtain the maximum compensation for their damages.

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo,

With Artistic Initiative Agency

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