Florida T-Bone Auto Accident

Cohen & Cohen recovered $295,000 in damages from this Miami, FL auto accident.

 *All names have been changed to protect case members’ identities.

Summary of the Car Accident in Miami

Amelia was riding in the rear passenger side of a vehicle which was traveling southbound in the left-hand turn lane of SW 145th Avenue in Miami. Another vehicle was heading northbound in the outside lane of the same street, with a green light. 

As the other vehicle attempted to cross the intersection, (with the right of way) the driver of the vehicle that Amelia was in turned in front of the oncoming vehicle. The oncoming vehicle slammed into the rear passenger side of the car Amelia was in, directly where she was seated. 

The impact of this crash caused the driver to slam into a third vehicle that was in the westbound through-lane of the access road.

Damages and Injuries Claimed

Due to the severity of this car crash, Amelia required immediate treatment by Miami Fire Rescue. She was fully immobilized on a backboard and transported to the nearest hospital’s trauma unit. 


Cohen & Cohen fought to recover compensation for the following damages in Amelia’s case: (diagnosed by the emergency room physician)

  • A fracture in the superior right pubic ramus
  • A fracture in the midshaft right clavicle
  • Further admittance for unbearable pain, which found:

– A fracture in the right clavicle 

– A fracture in the right sacrum 

– A fracture in the right superior pubic ramus (pelvic ring)


Cohen & Cohen fought for this case, in accordance with the investigating police officer’s declaration that the cause of this car accident was the driver’s failure to yield the right of way. The driver’s negligence caused Amelia painful and permanent injuries.

The Winning Verdict

As a direct result of this accident, Amelia could not work for four months. In addition, she accrued more than $160,000 in medical bills.

Cohen & Cohen recovered $295,000 in compensation for this case.

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