Fort Lauderdale Rear End Auto Accident

Cohen & Cohen Recovered $200,000 in this Hollywood, FL Car Accident Case.

 *All names have been changed to protect case members’ identities.

Summary of the Car Accident in Hollywood

The plaintiff, a man named Carlos, fully stopped his car at a red light. Suddenly, he was struck by an uninsured motorist in the same lane. The impact of this auto accident was so severe that Carlos’ vehicle was pushed across the intersection in front of him and into a brick wall.

Damages Claimed

Due to the severity of this car crash, Amelia required immediate treatment by Miami Fire Rescue. She was fully immobilized on a backboard and transported to the nearest hospital’s trauma unit.

Cohen & Cohen fought to recover compensation for the following damages in Amelia’s case: (diagnosed by the emergency room physician)

  • A fracture in the superior right pubic ramus
  • A fracture in the midshaft right clavicle
  • Further admittance for unbearable pain, which found:

– A fracture in the right clavicle

– A fracture in the right sacrum

– A fracture in the right superior pubic ramus (pelvic ring)

Carlos also underwent weeks of physical therapy which were unsuccessful. He therefore had to undergo extensive surgery.


Cohen & Cohen saw that liability for the particular accident and the resulting damages clearly rested with the defendant in the striking car. The uninsured driver was cited for violating Florida Statute section 316.1925(1): careless driving. Due to this negligence, Carlos was painfully and permanently injured.

The Winning Verdict

As a direct result of this car accident, Carlos accumulated medical bills that surpassed $180,000.

Cohen & Cohen won this case and recovered a total of $200,000 in damages.

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