Fiery Crash in Martin County

November 4, 2022 – Adam Mann

On Tuesday a fiery car accident caused the death of four people, 2 teenagers and 2 adults. The accident occurred at the intersection southbound of NW Federal Highway and NW Baker Road causing parts of US-1 to be closed. The crash involved a 2022 Tesla and a 2017 Chrysler minivan. 


According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the Tesla was going southbound on US-1 in the inside lane when all of a sudden the Chrysler minivan, which was traveling north, took a left into the intersection and collided head on with the Tesla. After this happened, the Tesla overturned and caught on fire. According to witnesses, the engine block of the Chrysler landed 20-30 yards off the road. While the Chrysler itself came to rest on the grass. 


The two adults and one teenager died of their injuries, the passenger of the Tesla was taken to the hospital but unfortunately died because of their injuries. Witnesses of the crash explained how they tried to perform CPR on the passenger before they were taken to the hospital but it did not help. 


An investigation into what caused the crash is being done by the Florida Highway Patrol, but law enforcement believes that speed is the factor of the accident. 


How can accidents like this be avoided? 

Overspeeding is obviously dangerous when driving a motor vehicle. This can cause fatalities for an individual or in other cases individuals. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is the number one factor of more than 25% of fatal accidents that occur a year. Speeding while operating a vehicle is a choice, a negligent one in fact. By driving at an appropriate speed limit, accidents can be prevented and no fatalities could occur. 


Here are a few tips to avoid speeding accidents:

  • Follow the three second-rule
    • This rule helps you figure out the distance between you and the car in front of you.
    • Pick out an object or place in the distance where you are driving (another car, telephone pole or parked vehicle), then observe when the car in front of you passed it and start counting to three seconds. If the car in front of you passed the object before you got to three you are driving way too close to the car.


  • Give Yourself Enough Time to get to your destination
    • If you are typically an individual that is tardy to things it is best to give yourself time to arrive wherever you are going on that certain day. When you are in a hurry and don’t give yourself enough time to arrive at your destination, that is when speeding comes into play and an accident may occur. 


  • Practice Patience
    • There is always going to be that “slow-poke” driver on the road which can definitely play with a driver’s patience. If you know you will find a certain route challenging your patience, find another one. Also, it is important to think realistically and change your mindset and just enjoy the ride with patience. 


If you have found yourself injured badly in a car accident because of speeding, the Law Office of Cohen & Cohen, a Personal Injury Lawyer Hollywood FL is here to help! This law firm specializes in Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL practice as well as other areas of practice. 

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