Fort Lauderdale Tractor Trailer Accident

Cohen & Cohen Recovered $2,250,000 in this Florida Tractor Trailer Car Accident Case

 *All names have been changed to protect case members’ identities.

Summary of the Car Accident in Florida

The plaintiff, Joe, a driver who was involved in a head on collision with a tractor trailer on the Turnpike around Indian River County.  We recovered $2,250,000 in damages when we successfully tried the car accident case.

Details of the Accident

Joe was moving lanes from a two lane road and came to the tractor trailer lane. The tractor trailer told police officers that the plaintiff came into his lane and there was nothing he could do to brace for impact. Which cause the plaintiff to be involved in a head on collision with the tractor trailer and passed away on impact.

Damages and Injuries Claimed

Joe unfortunately passed away due to the accident. 


Cohen & Cohen fought for these rights and hired accident reconstruction experts as well as trucking experts to prove that the tractor trailer driver could have safely avoided the accident by exiting the roadway to the right as they are required to do so to have avoided the entire accident. 

The Winning Verdict

As a direct result to this accident, we were able to recovered for the client $2, 250,000 

Cohen & Cohen won this Florida car accident case, awarding a settlement of $2,250,000.

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