Holiday Season and Car Accidents

December 5, 2022 – Adam Mann

The holidays are right around the corner and it is important to stay safe especially when operating a motor vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are more fatalities from car accidents on the holidays than on non-holidays. 

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are considered to be the two most dangerous holidays for car accidents. During this, there is a 34% increase in accidents and 38% increase of fatalities occurring. It is important to take extra precaution when traveling. 

The number of accidents comes from a variety of circumstances that arise during the festive times of every year.

These are primary factors in why accidents occur during holidays:

  • Increased Traffic
    • There are more cars on the road in close proximity a car accident is likely to occur
  • Distracted Drivers
    • Drivers can become distracted causing failure to focus on the road, follow road rules causing collisions
  • Inclement Weather
    • Pay attention to the weather, roads will be icy, full of snow and sleet and with windy conditions during the winter become aware take precaution when traveling 
  • Drunk & Fatigue Driver
    • As you celebrate the holidays and consume alcohol, driving under the influence becomes prevalent and leads to car accidents, having a designated driver or just taking Uber or Lyft can prevent accidents. Your ability to think and make choices becomes impaired.
    • With all the running around at this busy time, it can cause less sleep, resulting in fatigue. It is like driving drunk. The National Safety Council stated that a person is three times more likely to get in an accident when fatigued.
  • Inability to Keep Up Vehicle
    • If you will be driving in winter conditions, it is important to take your car for a check up. The inability to break when needed or a blowout in the highway because of a worn out tire can cause an accident causing drivers and the passengers lives to be put at risk. 
  • Unfamiliar Roads
    • People visiting family or friends in towns that they are unfamiliar with can lead to a collision. Do not become distracted when finding your way, pay attention to all things. Remember you are not familiar with the city’s traffic flow and customs. 

A few more tips to help prevent holiday accident:

  • Remain alert and awake when in control of a vehicle
  • Plan and give yourself plenty of time to reach your location
  • Avoid traveling during busy periods
  • Avoid drinking and driving
  • Prepare for unplanned circumstances
  • Avoid distractions
  • No driving and texting
  • Obey rules of the road
  • Pay careful attention to your surroundings and any of the vehicles around you 
  • Check weather forecast
  • Be defensive car driver and be cautious
  • Wear lap belt in car ride always

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