Fort Lauderdale Product Liability & Defective Product Lawyers

Cohen & Cohen will fight for your compensation if a product has harmed you due to the company’s negligence. 

Companies Have A Responsibility To Keep The Product Safe

Companies that manufacture and distribute products have a responsibility to ensure safe, effective products are going into the hands of their consumers. Unfortunately, there are times when these companies negligently send out products with defective designs, manufacturing flaws,  unsafe marketing materials or instructions. If a defective product has caused you or a loved one injury, or has even resulted in wrongful death, you may be able to receive compensation for your damages. Contact Cohen & Cohen Law—we will guide you through the next steps to receiving what you deserve.

Cohen & Cohen Will Fight for Your Damages

  • Design defect (present prior to manufacturing)
  • Manufacturing defect (occurring during the manufacturing process)
  • Marketing and/or instruction defect (occurring when a product is improperly marketed or labeled)

Examples of Defective Products that Could Cause Injury Include:

  • Table designed with uneven legs (design)
  • Toddler toy with detachable choking hazard (design)
  • Electric circuit installed backwards (manufacturing)
  • Swing set with broken chain (manufacturing)
  • Medication that doesn’t disclose all side effects (marketing/instruction)
  • Instructional video with actors not wearing proper safety gear (marketing/instruction)

You Deserve to Be Compensated If You Were Injured By A Defective Product

Florida law allows you to pursue a case against any company who has put a defective product on the shelves, whether it is designed, manufactured, or labeled improperly. Don’t allow your pain and suffering to be in vain—take action so that the company is held responsible.

How Our Florida Defective Product Lawyers Will Fight For Your Recovered Damages

No matter what type of defective product you’ve come into contact with, it’s likely you are experiencing significant consequences as a result. At  Cohen & Cohen Law, our team has spent over 50 years handling product liability cases and fighting for thousands of victims who have experienced loss and/or injury due to defective products. In addition to compensation, we are dedicated to fighting for and supporting you through this difficult process. Our attorneys will work to win compensation for these and other areas:

  • Pain and Suffering (Mental and Physical)
  • Past and Future Medical Expenses
  • Diminished Enjoyment of Life
  • Lost Wages Due to Recovery
  • Other Financial Losses

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